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I am a native Floridian who collects Florida artwork. I am especially interested in the work of Hermann Herzog, Anthony Thieme, and Frank Shapleigh, and many of the other artists who painted Florida. I am strictly a private collector.

I am not a dealer nor in any way in the business of selling paintings. When I buy paintings it is to keep in my collection. When you sell to me you will get the highest possible price for your paintings.

To emphasize again, I buy these paintings for the love of old Florida, not to make money. I am available right now to buy your Florida artwork. I will pay cash and I will pay top dollar for paintings which I need to have in my collection. If you offer a painting to me that I cannot fit in my collection I will happily direct you to a dealer who can pay fair market wholesale value for your paintings.

I am actively seeking artwork by Florida's Beanie Backus as well as any paintings made by Florida's Highwaymen


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